Tuesday, July 7

#17 (Week 7) Add an entry to "Sandbox" Wiki

A sandbox is a term that wikis often use to describe the area of the website that should be used for pure play so for this discovery and exploration exercise, go to the sandbox portion of the tassie toolbox wiki -- go ahead and play! Just click on the link

Discovery Exercises:
  1. Visit the Tassie Toolbox wiki and go to the section devoted to one or more of the topics covered in the 10 weeks of the 23 things course.

  2. Create a post in your blog about the experience. How might you use wikis?
Discovery Resources:

As a public document, trainers are often concerned about using wikis for classroom discussions or notetaking. There is also concern about students who post inappropriately. You can assign students numbers or login names [or let them choose their own] so that you can keep track of who is contributing to the discussion. As teacher, you have the power to moderate what goes on. Make sure that you receive an e-mail notice whenever there is a new addition to the wiki. This way you can maintain a useful and appropriate wiki. The following ideas can be used for any subject.

Curriculum Connection:
  1. Idea #1: Select one of your favorite curriculum ideas from your own blog. "Copy and paste" it to the tassie toolbox wiki.
  2. Idea #2: Create a “tafe-o-pedia.” Make a tafe ‘Wikipedia’ with competency based facts. Make sure that every fact is checked and verified and cited. This can be done with as an assignment and each page can be a different performance criteria.
*NOTE: The Tassie Toolbox wiki was created using the free version of wikispaces , a tool that lets you create webpages that anyone can edit.

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