Monday, October 27

#18 (Week 8) Online meetings and classrooms

At times it is simply unfeasible or perhaps even impossible for all students and teachers to come together and hold a lesson face-to-face. Now with online meetings, teachers and students can hold lessons directly over the Internet enhancing the possibilities of Education by eliminating the need to travel long distances for a class.

Just like any other lesson, teachers can organize a lesson plan and prepare for the class. Next, they start their lesson by hosting a screen sharing online meeting. Students turn up to the “online classroom” by joining the screen sharing lesson, allowing them to view the teacher's screen content in real time.

And just like that, students and teachers can interact via online meeting and screen sharing technology as they proceed through the lesson plan.

What Online Meeting Do for Students

Online meetings give students the opportunity to step in the classroom from any place. Today people are taking part in online lessons, seminars and e-learning more and more. Online meetings allow students to participate in a lesson directly from their computer at home, just as if they were sitting in a real classroom.

Discovery Exercises:

For this exercise you will need to oranise a meeting time and connect with one or more of your other e-mentees using an online meeting application.

To organise your meeting time, try out one on online meeting planner (see the resources section below)

Once you've organised a time, connect with your peer(s) and explore the interface. WI uses Adobe Connect, which requires a booking in advance - if you email me ( or Sally Brownlow we can set one up for you. Or you might want to explore one of the free online alternatives, like DimDim.

Finally, write a blog entry about your experience. Was it simple to use? Could you present your regular lessons via the tool without further modification or would you need to re-write your lesson plans? (or would it be simply impossible?)

Discovery Resources:

Meeting planners:

Online meeting programs:

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