Thursday, July 23

#20 (WEEK 9) Discover TeacherTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos

In the last few years online video hosting sites have exploded allowing users to easily upload and share videos on the web. Among all the web 2.0 players in this area, YouTube is currently top dog serving up over 1 million video views a day and allowing users not only to upload their own video content easily, but also embed clips into their own sites easily. There are lectures from universities and colleges around the world, interviews with industry leaders and scores of conference addresses and workshops there. There is also an 'education only' variant: TeacherTube, which is an online community for sharing instructional teacher videos.

Do some searching around TeacherTube yourself and see what the site has to offer. You'll find everything from a Simple Reading Strategy Flip Book to a WWII Veteran Interview and NASA - Zero gravity cool experiments. Of course, like any free site you’ll also find a lot stuff not worth watching too. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore and see for yourself what the site has too offer. :)

Discovery Exercises:
  1. Explore teacherTube & find a video worth adding as an entry in your blog.
  2. Create a blog post about your experience. What did you like or dislike about the site and why did you choose the video that you did? Can you see any features or components of the site that might be interesting if they were applied to library websites?
  3. OPTIONAL: Try placing the video inside your blog using the copy and paste code for the "Embeddable Player.” Note: you'll need to use Blogger's Edit HTML tab when pasting this code.
  4. Once you've begun working with YouTube for some time you might like to play with the movies that are available. On the makeuseof site is a collection of ten interesting hacks associated with YouTube movies. Here you can learn how to view and embed high quality videos, link to the video part way through the clip, hide the search box, embed only the relevant part of a movie, autoplay and loop an embedded movie, disable the related video link, Bypass regional filters and use kickyoutube to download videos.

Discovery Resources:
Other popular video hosting sites :

NOTE: Videos, like music downloads, are bandwidth hogs. It is recommended that you complete this exercise during light Internet usage times.


Marlies said...

Hello Peter, I tried to embed the code for the video into the blog post, however, it kept saying that the tag wasn't closed. I have no formal HTML training, but saw the beginning < and the end >, that to me meant it's 'closed', and I had to leave it to itself (meaning, I deleted the embed insertion).
I used the 'link' feature instead, so the subject title is also the link.
Great course.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Jumpcut has just been shut down, however the FAQ on their home page suggests Microsoft Movie Maker as an alternative for video editing.

Movie Maker is included as part of newer versions of Windows - comes up in the start menu in Vista. Well worth playing with, and for those 23 thinks bloggers with kids, can be great for keeping little people entertained on rainy afternoons!