Thursday, June 11

#11 (WEEK 5) AREDv2 e-learning content development tool

Would you like to use an application that makes e-learning resource development quick and easy? And what's more - one that requires little more than basic computer skills... sounds v good!

With an Australian made tool set called ARED (Applications for Rapid E-learning Development), you get 6 dynamic templates based on media-rich interactions commonly used in e-learning materials. AREDv2 saves you time and effort without having to learn multimedia skills that are usually required to build such resources.

Discovery Resources:

  • Here's a sample of an AREDv2 resource as a finished product - as you can see the content can be indepth and the layout is pretty sweet. Can you see resource development potential for your online course?
  • There are many more examples, and some links to useful tools on Evelyn Flitman's geocities page

Discovery Exercise:

  • Your exercise for this week is to download ARED, and have a go at creating some content using any of the templates (be warned, the decision tree might be better left for a workshop!)
  • Post comments to your blog - the good the bad AND the ugly side of AREDv2
  • For bonus marks, try incorporating some of the graphics tools and tricks we explored in week 3

Curriculum Connections:
  • Material in the training package you use could be a useful start for an ARED project. Have a look through the unit guide for a subject you're teaching on NTIS and see if anything jumps out at you :)
  • Did you know you can copy the ARED application onto a USB or hard drive an use it without having to install it as an administrator? Any classroom computer could run ARED with the minimum of preperation. So.. maybe you could get your trainees to produce simple ARED objects as part of a class based activity.
  • Many learning objects in the toolbox repository used ARED to make interactive activities - some of these can be taken as templates themselves, or ideas for your own development.

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