Thursday, May 21

#5 (WEEK 3) Explore Flickr and learn about this popular image hosting site

Photo sharing websites have been around since the 90s, but it took a small startup site called Flickr (now owned by Yahoo!) to catapult the idea of “sharing” into a full blown online community. Flickr uses "tags" or what we would call keywords to help identify and search for photos.

For this discovery exercise, you are asked to take a good look at Flickr and discover what this site has to offer. Find out how tags work, what groups are, and all the neat things that people and other classrooms and libraries are creating thanks to Flickr.

Discovery Exercise:

In this discovery exercise, you have two options…

a. Take a good look around Flickr and discover an interesting image that you want to blog about. Be sure to include either a link to the image or if you create a Flickr account, you can use Flickr's blogging tool to add the image in your post. Another option you have for including images in your post is to use flickrCC to find copyright free images and Blogger's photo upload tool.


b. If you are up to an easy challenge ... create a Free account in Flickr and use a digital camera to capture a few pictures of something around your campus or workplace. You can use your own camera or a mobile phone with a camera in it, or perhaps even borrow one from your workplace.

Upload your pictures to your Flickr account and tag at least one of the images “tassietoolbox” and mark it public. Then create a post in your blog about your photo and experience. Be sure to include the image in your post. Once you have a Flickr account, you have two options for adding your photo to your blog post: through Flickr's blogging tool or using Blogger's photo upload feature.

So go ahead, explore the site and have some Flickr photo fun and if you're interested in looking at some other photo hosting sites, then check out Picasa Web Albums from Google and another service called Smugmug.

PS: A quick word about photo posting etiquette and cybersafety - When posting identifiable photos of other people (especially minors) get the person's permission before posting their photo in a publicly accessible place like Flickr. Never upload pictures that weren't taken by you (unless you have the photographer's consent) and always give credit when you include photos taken by someone else in your blog.

Discovery Resources:

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iris said...

Week 3 exercise 5
i think I have lost the plot?
I have posted a blog on my dashboard area, I have activated a flikcr account and uploaded a photo and tagged it elm3008, but can't find out how to put it on my blog sapce?