Thursday, May 21

#7 (WEEK 3) Write about something technology oriented

Simply blog about anything technology related. Yes, it can be anything that relates to technology! You just need to share a few thoughts. For example:

"I like digital cameras because it's much easier to share photos with family and friends now that I have a Flickr account. Skype lets me talk with friends through computers. Technology advancements for music and medical equipment are amazing! Video Games, iTunes, iPods, Flatscreen televisions, etc. "

Some good spots I use for reading about technology in general and/or ed-tech in particular are:

For bonus marks, why not find a relevant picture using flickrCC and add it to your post.

Discovery Exercise:
  • Add at least one comment to another participant's blog.
That's what online communities are all about - connecting and communication. CHEER and otherwise encourage your tassie toolbox colleagues :)

Curriculum Connections:
  1. Idea #1: Never miss an opportunity to share and discuss issues related to technology such as Internet safety & ethics, censorship, plagiarism, copyright, online learning, or library collection development.
  2. Idea #2: Post a web 2.0 curriculum-connection-of-the-week on your classroom blog or assign students to each take a week for their idea.


redmenace said...

I've noticed the comments made by people show up on your blog, but on mine they don't. I couldn't see a setting to change this but would like to. Any tips?

Jane said...

I am technically disfunctional because I don't even know how to post this.